Ska Music and How it Started

How ska music started

Ska music was first born in Jamaica in the 1950s. It came from a combination of various other music styles. This includes calypso, jazz, and R&B. The music has a lively rhythm that makes you want to sort of jump up and down in your seat. It feels like something that makes you skip at the same time. A very interesting feeling which is why the music is so popular.

Part of the appeal is the guitar sound. Some say it has reggae undertones, which is to be expected. When you consider the Jamaican roots this makes sense. But, please keep in mind that the sound actually precedes the actual birth of reggae music. So, you could say the sound came from the heart and then morphed into various music styles. The bass line, a fun, forward-moving melody, is another thing that makes ska music distinct. But, you may ask, what does “ska” actually mean?

Ska music Jamaica

The meaning of “ska”

There is a theory that says that the word “ska” comes from the reggae-like sound mentioned earlier. However, that’s just one possible explanation. There are many other theories – most likely none of them can be proven.

Yet, today, ska has come to mean different things to different people. For surf bands who play ska music, it’s about freedom and surrender. For others, the music style has a more aggressive connotation. In particular, a sub-culture known as skinheads has a slightly more violent approach. Even so, ska music brings people together and is a staple of many music festivals. You can find ska music fans all over the world.

How the music came to be

Here is what’s interesting about ska music. You could argue that people wanted it so it was created. There was a large demand for the kind of music Jamaican people heard on the radio. Most of it originated from the USA.

At some point, the demand for new music grew very fast. To meet this demand, local producers began creating their own records. In the beginning, the music sounded similar to that of USA artists. But, very quickly, it becomes its own sound.

Ska music today

Today, there are many record labels that regularly release ska music. To top that, many bands play this style, both for fun and to earn money. As mentioned earlier, music festivals often feature ska bands.

Even though you may not hear ska songs on the pop charts, the movement is alive and strong. Every day, new fans fall in love with the music. Cover bands play old hits and new songs are written too.

Popular music

A large number of bands that play ska proves that it’s not going away any time soon. While it may not be everyone’s taste, for those who love it, it provides a source of peace, joy, and pleasure. Why don’t you give it a try? You don’t have to become a fan for life. But, the least you can do is to give yourself a chance!

Skinheads love ska

The skinhead movement was influenced by the upbeat ska tune back in the day. And still today skinheads from all over the world are heavily into the old original tunes from all those years ago. There are still popular bands that are belting out their own version of ska music. Long live ska!! You can read about skinheads in a classic book “You are the Beef’